Triggerfish Micro Brewery


Visiting Wine Estates in the Cape Town area is lovely but it’s nice to have a bit of a change.  Late Friday afternoon we decided on an outing to Triggerfish Micro Brewery in Somerset West.  The beautiful wine estates have a special place but I loved the no frills atmosphere of Triggerfish, the immediate sense being ‘we can really relax here’.


Cliff, his brother and sister-in-law all chose the beer tasting.  I opted for a glass of Roman Red Ale which was excellent, it almost had a coffee aftertaste.  The other which I loved (after stealing from Cliff’s tasting samples) was the Bonito – Bombshell Buchu Blonde it had such a unique flavour.  Buchu is a herb with many healing properties.

There was some very interesting art on the walls which I rather liked but I was put off to see that the works were created on an iphone.  I guess I’m a bit old fashioned about art and should have a more open mind.


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