I should love Matjiesfontein but I don’t

The Coffee house

On our way to Cape Town we stopped in at Matjiesfontein for lunch.  It looks like a lovely little town but I couldn’t pinpoint why it doesn’t feel like one.  It has the right ingredients, beautiful old buildings and lots of lovely antique stuff, but it lacks soul.  It feels like you are visiting a museum, interesting but somewhat cold.   I discussed my feelings with Cliff and he told me that he read that the town is owned by a business person or persons and run as such, this made some sense regarding why I got that hollow feeling there.   In a way this information makes me feel a bit better, at least the owner or owners did not put up a mall somewhere.  At home in Boksburg where ever you are there is at least one shopping center within 5km.  This business is at least preserving the town which is declared as a national monument.

spiral stairs in Coffee Shop

We had lunch at the Coffee House which is very pretty and the toasted sandwiches were better than average.  I was however rather annoyed that the waitress tried to give the wrong change when we paid, I am numerically challenged but it seemed wrong so I asked Cliff to quickly double check, when I did this she quickly gave me another R20.


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