8th Wedding Anniversary – double my previous relationship records

The post about our 8th anniversary has moved to my new website Skimming Stones, this link will take you directly to the post



  1. Congrats. I can so relate. Married at 21 ….divorced by 26. Thankfully no kids. But just two people who were not meant to be together. then there was the HORRIFIC rebound relationship that nearly destroyed my soul and body. 10 years later I am married to a wonderful man (not without his faults – i think last night i wanted to kill him for something stupid like not listening) We were married when i was 30 and he was 26 🙂 in Jamaica. Yes we have had our touch and go moments – but none that mad me want to skip continents like that last one. This year I wll be beating my last marriage by a year….and i could be more excited. Even though we have our “shouldn’t have said that” moments. I wouldn’t trade this one in for the world. And like you – I dont plan on going anywhere.

    • sula1968

      Thank you for sharing! So glad that things are also working out for you now

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