Eggless Rainbow Muffins

I made these today with Fjord and they are fantastic, look and taste wonderful, we topped them with purple icing.

© 365 Days of Pure Vegetarian

The cold windy days is keeping all of us away from outdoors much as we need. To me, this also translates into eating out less to avoid wearing those layers and layers of heavy jackets to keep ourselves warm. It’s good that we eat more healthy since we avoid restaurant food and I also get to experiment with new recipes and use my family as taste testers and critics. As you may know by now I am a non baker and I hate baking. For me food has to be a no-brainer, easy, eye-ball and adjust but baking requires a lot of meticulously measured ingredients, time sensitive etc which is just not for me. I salute those who have the skill to bake and I am happy to eat the end baked product. I wish that one day I will also find baking as easy as cooking. Hence you will see most of…

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  1. Oh they’re wonderful!!

    • sula1968

      They are, the texture and taste are perfect. I’m so happy to have found this recipe

      • They sure look it – I think I’ll try them this weekend 🙂

  2. sula1968

    The only change I made was instead of just water I did half milk & half water. I used 3 colours which worked well too

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