All Out Adventures – Extreme Drakensberg fun


With our Daddy’s Deal stay at Mont Aux Sources Hotel we received 2 vouchers for All out Adventures.  Looking through the brochure I thought that it seemed over priced.  After our visit to All out Adventures I felt that although pricey, what they offer is very good value.  So many times, particularly at some restaurants we leave feeling ripped off, a result of not feeling that we have received value for money.  Here we really felt that what they offer is of great value and priceless in terms of a real memorable experience.

Fjord Bungee Bounce pic

All out Adventures has a range of activities for all ages.  Fjord (age 5) had the most fantastic time.  He informed us that we should move closer to All Out Adventures so that can can visit regularly.  Fortunately this is not on the cards as he would either be very disappointed or we would be very broke.  With our vouchers he was able to do the Bungee Bounce, Trapeze, paintball target shooting and play in the kids area which has a foofie slide.  I don’t know where his fearless genes come from, it is wonderful to watch him take on any challenge with exuberant delight.

All out Adventures trapese pic

The assistants are so friendly and professional we knew that Sizwe and the other assistants were more than competent in ensuring his safety.

I really wish that I was not such a ninny with heights and thrills.  The canopy tour looks like an experience which would leave a life long impression.  The only activity which I would contemplate would be the quad bike tour.  I have never been on a quad bike and have a rather negative view of them but for this I would make an exception.  Maybe one day.



  1. Loretta

    We are so glad you had a great visit. Thank you so much for this lovely write up. We will look forward to seeing you again soon!


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