Our 1st visit to Irene Market in Pretoria

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It has taken 9 years of living in Gauteng to get around to visiting Irene Market, we are already planning our 2nd visit 2 weeks after the first. The market is amazing. So many stalls, so much on offer and not a piece of plastic junk to be seen. Each stall offers nothing but quality, well that was my impression anyway.

I can’t say much about the food, we only had a smoothie and some Thai snacks, we wanted more, but sort of didn’t get around to it before closing time (I think 2 pm is too early to close). I will blame the band ‘Oh So Serious’ for us leaving with empty tummies, they were playing music in the area where the food stalls are. The music stopped us in our tracks and we sat down for close to an hour just watching and listening, not wanting to move. Wow not much can beat sitting on a hay bale in the shade, listening to really good music. Pity they didn’t have CD’s on sale (apparently they have released 2) I would have bought one.

Fortunately or unfortunately we did not have a lot of cash on us which restricted our spending. We did however buy an ornamental airplane for Fjord made from recycled tin, some really yummy nuts coated with cinnamon and coffee flavoured toffee and Cliff was delighted to find a man selling rare succulent plants. We also spotted a lady selling hand painted ceramic doorknobs, we bought Guienne Fowl ones with gift money from our wedding more than 8 years ago at the Rosebank market. Beside ‘Oh So Serious’ buskers played in different areas dotted around the market grounds which does so much to add to the vibe of the outing.



  1. I passed by there a couple of weeks ago. Think I’ll have a look-see soon.

    • sula1968

      Well worth it

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