I am a South African woman born in 1968.  This blog is a mish mash of  whatever is on my mind.  I love reading, writing, nature, travel, music and life.  I have had a few odds & ends published but my dream is to see my children’s book ‘Snuffles & the Cloud People’ published which my Mum illustrated.  In 1996 I founded LiPS (The Durban Live Poets Society) which I believe continues to thrive with a life of it’s own since I left Natal in 2000. I grew up in a creative environment, my Mum is an artist and my Dad is a photographer  .  I am married (for the 2nd time) and have 4 children born in 89, 91, 07 & 10.  You can e mail me on sula1968@gmail.com



  1. Hi Sula! I’m born in 1968 too and we share a lot of likes – reading especially! Thanks for your visit to my blog 🙂

  2. Jennifer

    Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

    • sula1968


  3. I am an ex-pat South African living in Ottawa, Canada (very far from home) x Thanks for visiting my blog x

    • sula1968

      Looking at your blog name are you familiar with the music of Syd Kitchen? he recorded an album titled ‘Africa is not for Sissies’

      • I am not – but i will be sure to look it up now. Maybe I have and forgotten

  4. Hi Sula,
    I was looking for bread machines available in South Africa and came across your blog. As we live on a boat making bread is essential to us.
    Then reading on and following your link I came across your reference to the late Syd Kitchen- he used to refer to us as his family groupies” as we would travel far and near to hear him and his music is often heard aboard. His family song for us was “Wash your socks”
    I now need to find a Russel Hobs stockist here in Richards Bay- thanks to your input.

    • sula1968

      Hi Anne, what a funny small world! The world is a little less beautiful now that Syd is gone. I knew him through friends and muso circles and he once gave us a wonderful evening at the ‘Live Poets Society’ in Durban, I invited him as a special guest and he shared his music and lyrics with a captive audience. Regarding the bread machine you can try Game or Checkers, I believe the Mellarware is also very good and have been told that nothing beats the Panasonic.

  5. I love reading, writing, nature, and travel too – the best things in life! Funny how things like that can connect people from all over the world.

    • sula1968

      We are all connected in some way. Thank you for stopping by

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