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Cellu-Beauty at Natal Spa – self indulgence won the day

I have ingrained in me the perfect recipe for self-denial, I grew up Catholic and I am a mother.  Sack cloth and ashes is my natural style.  The decadent bliss of a back and head massage at Cellu-Beauty on our weekend away at Natal Spa was worth the instinctive guilt. I probably would not have …

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Our experience using Private Property to sell

Yesterday I heard a radio ad for Private Property and I decided to share our experience using them when I sold my flat 8 years ago.  Prior to that I sold 2 properties using estate agents and really felt that for the enormous chunk which they take I did not get proportional value.  When selling …

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My cool Dad, from Paul Changuion Photographer to PrintWild, SA’s finest Canvas & Acrylic printer.

My Dad started out as a photographer with the mining magazine Horizon in Zambia, then Northern Rhodesia (I have bound issues if a collector is interested).  When my parents moved to Pinetown in South Africa my 1st memory of his office was a tiny portrait studio in Knowles store. Then as Paul Changuion photographer he …

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